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Franco-Prussian war, 1970:


  • Napoleon became concerned with Prussia's strength - controlling all these states
  • to allow France to gain strength and become one of Europe's powerful countries again, he demanded Luxemburg from the King of Holland
  • initially, Bismarck supported Napoleon but towards the end of 1866 he changed his mind
  • France became angered at this sudden change of heart
  • he caused further disturbances by fuelling demonstrations in Luxemburg


  • in 1868, revolutions in Spain forced the Queen to flee leaving someone to take the throne
  • parliament suggested Leopold Hohenzollern February 1870
  • Leopold was related to the Prussian Royal family - cousin to William I
  • an interesting situation appered for Prussia at this moment:
    - if Leopold accepted it would create a good alliance between Prussia and Spain
    - however, it would be concerning for France with one big country on one side and another on the other because of this alliance
  • but, Leopold wasn't considering taking it up but Bismarck persuaded William I
  • Bismarck also made bribes to the Spanish government and put pressure on the Hohenzollern family
  • eventually, Leopold accepted
  • because of the possible new alliance between Prussia and Austria, France became concerned and sent the French ambassador, Count Benadetti, to talk with William I at Ems to warn him if Leopold went through with this canditure then there may be war

Ems Telegram:

  • news spread about Leopold's canditure on…


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