Conservative and Libertarianism (shallow and deep ecology)

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Conservatism (shallow ecology)

If a question would ask about the care to the environment, do not jump to the conclusion that this approach does not care for the environment as it does but just from a different perspective.

This approach looks at the value that the environment has to us as humans and how it's welfare will affect us. 

Effectively, the environment is a MEANS TO AN END, the end being the survival, continuations and well-being of humankind.

Plants and animals only have intstrumental value as their usefullness lies only in their usefulness to the human race, for this reason it is a anthropocentric approach which means human centred. 

Michael La Bossiere suggested that such approach can be justificied as part of the natural order of evolution so if animals become extinct due to human activities it can be justified because it can be deemed as nature taking its part. 

However, it does arise with some issues as a solution


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