Environmental Ethics

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"The full human development of every human person both now and in future generations cannot be seperated from the fate ofthe earth" - Catholic Bishop conference 2002

Secular approaches:

  • Responce to the influnential book 'Silent spring' - Rachel carson
  • Explored interconnectiveness of wildlife, the food chain and the effects pesticides had on it

Two divergent theories:

  1. Deep ecology
  2. Shallow ecology

Deep ecology:

  • Naess claimed there are two types of ecological movements in the world:
  1. Concern for pollution and the depletion of natural resources which are of values to human (shallow)
  2. Concern for the richness, diversity and instrinsic value of the natural world (deep)
  • In deep ecology, every being, human, or animal has an equal right to live and blossom. - Ecosophy
  • Ecosophy "A philosoph of ecological harmany or equalibrium"
  • Rejects the idea of humans having greater inprotance.
  • Objects to the chirstian notion of stewardship, its arrogant and emphasises self…


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