Conscience Revision Notes

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Conscience Revision Notes

Religious Approaches to Conscience: Augustine

  • Our conscience is the voice of God which speaks to us in solitary moments - they help us observe God's laws
  • Augustine argues that the conscience is implanted by God into us, which helps us to distinguish right from wrong - nevertheless, it is not enough; we need the grace of God
  • Our conscience is the most important element of decision making and must be turned away from evil towards good (our conscience is, to some extent, reliable)
  • Additionally, our conscience is being refined by the Church and the teachings of the Church

Religious Approaches to Conscience: Aquinas

  • Conscience is right reason (rectio ratio) with which one can understand/reason the differences between right and wrong to determine what God sees as good
  • Conscience is not an inner voice telling us what is right and wrong - we must reason making right decisions - all peopel want to achieve this (=Synderesis rule)
  • Our conscience/reasoning can be faulty at times due to comparing mistaken apparent good with real good and weakness of will - however it was unitentional (=Synderesis rule)
  • One can have an erring conscience as a result derived from…


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