Chemistry Paper 2 – Calculating The Rate of Reaction & The Collision Theory


The rate of a chemical reaction tells us how quickly reactants are converted into products. In industry, reaction rates are very important. However, faster reaction rates may not always be better. 


  • In industry, making the required amount of product as cheaply as possible maximises all-important profit. 


  • Faster reactions are often better as they yield more product in a given amount of time. 


  • It may be expensive to generate the conditions for very fast reactions. 


  • There can be safety concerns associated with very fast reactions. 

    • Therefore, reaction rates used in industry are the result of a trade-off between speed, cost and safety. 



  • Plotting Reaction Rates 

  • Plotting Reaction Rates

Rates of reactions at specific times can be calculated using graphs: 

  • Draw a tangent to the


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