Cluster 2 poems from different culture - decoding This room _Hope this helps!!!_ :)))

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Dharker sees the furniture and room as somehing that is limiting her growth, something that is not allowing her to be free, it shows her feeling imprisioned. But, when change comes, it is almost as refreshing as the room literally breaking out of it self. There is a lot of surreal imagery in this poem, "the bed is lifting out". "Pots and pans band together/ in celebration, clang" There is this idea of happiness presnted throughout this poem, this is from the various words such as "alive... celbration, excitement" which connotate happiness.

"No one is looking for the door" There are so many other ways of getting out,that the conventional mhod seems to ordinary. There is once again this idea of change, that she is breaking free from what she was and is changing into a new, transformed person.

There is also this idea of confusion throughout this poem, this can be seen from where she says "I've left my feet, and why/ my hand…


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