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Poems Cluster 1

Limbo ­ Edward Kamau Brathwaite
The poet uses the connotations of the word limbo to enhance the poems three
meanings: limbo the dance, limbo the place between heaven and hell, in limbo
(stuck between two situations) The poem is about slaves being brought from Africa

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Nothing's Changed ­ Tatamkhulu Afrika
The poem is about a man's journey to a district that has changed in recent years. It
takes him back to his childhood and, although superficially things have changed, the
ingrained race divisions still remain the same. The area is District Six, an area…

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Set in London near the `dull North Circular' and juxtaposed with the beautiful
Caribbean island and heightens the comparison.

Separation: the man yearns for his old home
Alienation and loneliness
Love of your homeland
Imagination and reality
Impact of our childhood on our lives

Imagery: the words…

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Positive diction: `kindly' `silver' `sun' `polishes to perfection'
Appealing to the senses through onomatopoeia ­ `splash' rush' `crashes'
Short lines and phrases echo the drops of water
Similes `the skin cracks like a pod'
Metaphors ­ water is like the `voice of a kindly god'
Personification ­ water is given…

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On the surface, the poem describes two vultures in a tree. One day they are eating
the innards of a dead animal and the other being affectionate with one-another:
demonstrating how love and brutality can co-exist. Reiterated by the German
concentration camp worker who murders Jews but goes home and…

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The atrocities of war: how peoples lives can be destroyed
Celebration of another culture: the diction used portrays Vietnam before
the was as a beautiful place with content people
The poem is laid out as a set of questions
In the first stanza the language is conversational in…


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