climatic hazards case studies

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Acid deposition;
Caused deaths in fish and plants in Scandinavia.
Normal PH should be between 5-6 lowest recorded in north-west Europe 2.4

South-East England; the great storm 16 October 1987:
It occurred so quickly its severity was not predictable.
Winds reached up to 100km/hr, at its highest (south coast).
It started on 11th october finished on the 16th october 1200hrs.

Storm surges case study; 1974, 800000 people died in Honduras, homes washed away.

hurricane case studies;
Mitch, 1998
Developed in the southern Caribbean sea on the 22nd October. Predicted that it went westward like any other hurricane however they did not predict it would go southwards towards north Honduras coast, and then stayed stable. The torrential rain was which made it the most destructible hurricane since 200 years ago.


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