Citizenship Theme D - UK and the Rest of the World



  • 193 member countries
  • UK joined in Oct 1945
  • Formed in 1945 to avoid war and solve global issues 
  • UK is 1/5 of the permanent members of Security Council and gives a high degree of influence
  • Key aims = maintain int. peace and security, protect HR, deliver humanitarian aid, promote sustainable development and uphold int. law.

UN General Assembly

  • UN's main body
  • discusses important issues
  • has many sub bodies e.g. HR council, World Food Programme and UNICEF.

Benefits and Commitments 

  • UK has good influence
  • can count on assistance from other members if disaster
  • access to financial help from UN World Bank
  • UK citizens benefits as UN members take HR protection very seriously
  • UK must contribute troops to peacekeeping missions globally
  • UK has to pay membership fee, and is fifth largest funder of UN
  • Being a permanent member of Sec. Council = big commitment and key role in global peace and in selecting UN secretary general.


  • set up in 1949 to defend Western Europe against threat of Soviet agression
  • 29 members as of 2018


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