Churchill's Plans for post-war Europe and the Empire

Churchill's plans/attitude to Post-war Europe and the Empire 

Since the beginning of the war Churchill had always intended to maintain the Empire, he believed that there was nothing wrong or selfish about this idea (although it was becoming less popular amongst a majority of people, see Churchill's attitude to India). 

Churchill believed that:

  • Britain and the USA maintained a special relationship 
  • The Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean (spheres of influence) were more important that Western Europe 
  • Harsh punishment against Germany would be appropriate 

But as the war continued, these ideas changed. Churchill was now concerned that:

  • Germany would need to maintain some strength so as to continue acting as a buffer zone between Western Europe and the USSR


The conditions for Britiain and Europe were also changing, by 1945 it became clear that:

  • The Anglo-American was not so strong, as America refused to guarentee Britain financial support following the war
  • America was unlikely to maintain a presence in post-war European


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