Christian Perspective - War & Peace

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War & Peace

a.) Describe and explain Christian teaching which might be used to support pacifism. (8)

Christians should not kill. Christians follow the Ten Commandments, therefore they would not kill. "Do not kill" - Exodus 20. Killing would be seen as a seen by God and going against his wishes.

Christians should follow the example Jesus set. He only used violence once and never killed anyone, in fact he brought people back to life. Killing would be seen as undoing his actions. In Mark 11 Jesus is referred to as "The Prince of Peace".

Christians should follow the teaching of Agape in the scenario of war. Going to war does not follow Agape as killing is not a loving thing to do. The most loving thing to do when a Christian faces war is to avoid it. Perhaps taking an anti-violent route, "If someone strikes you on the right cheek turn to him the other also" - Matthew 5.

We should love our neighbour. It is not loving to be at war with our neighbour, therefore we must not fight with our neighbour. "Love thy neighbour" - Exodus 20. This suggests we should not take part in a war with our neighbour.

We should live in peace with one another. God did not create man to be at war with each other, "God created man in his own


Miss KHP


Really good notes for any student who is studying GCSE RE with elements of Christianity in it.

Nice because there are verses already in here for you so you don't have to find them yourself!

Once you have read them, test yourself.  


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