Chemotherapy - A therapy PY1

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Chemotherapy - A therapy for the Biological Approach

The aim 

The aim of Chemotherapy is to alter/change a persons biological state through the use of drugs. It changes the physiology of the body and the way it works. 

It's use

The drugs used block the effects of the brain (neurotransmitters). It is used to treat mental disorders and associated behaviours (Paranoia, Bi-polar etc). It alters/ corrects chemicals within the body to stop/cure a patient of unwanted illnesses or behaviours, it can also prevent a patients offspring to develop any mental illness, as mental illnesses can be passed down through genes. 

How it connects to the Biological Approach

Chemotherapy is connected to the biological approach because it cures or reduces problems within the brain, and can correct chemicals/hormones in the body. Also it can stop mental illnesses being inherited later on. The drugs alter the chemicals which are not functioning properly and restore them to their natural state, thus altering a persons biological state. 

The drugs


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