Chemistry Unit 3 End of Unit Questions

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C3 End of Unit Questions

C3-1 : Acids & Bases

  1. Explain the term “hydrated” in terms of hydrogen ions
  2. What are proton donors and proton acceptors?
  3. Which acid is stronger: pH 6.0 or pH 3.4?
  4. What is the point of a titration at which the acid and the alkali have completely reacted?
  5. When would you use a phenolphtalein indicator?
  6. When would you use a methyl orange indicator?
  7. Describe the titration process, including the specialist equipment required

C3-2 : Energy Calculations

  1. What is the function of a bomb calorimeter?
  2. Explain the difference between an endo- and exothermic reaction
  3. Describe the energy changes in an endo- and exothermic reaction
  4. What is energy measured in?
  5. What is the standard denotation for change in energy?
  6. Define activation energy
  7. Draw energy level diagrams to show a H-H bond breaking and making

C3-3 : Water

  1. Describe the processes involved in the water cycle
  2. What are: solute, solvent, solution and solubility?
  3. Explain what makes…


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