Character Isabella- Wuthering Heights

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"she slipped the gld ring from her third finger and threw it to the floor, "I'll smash it", she continued, striking it with childish spite." Said by Nelly about Isabella after Isabella has fled from the Heights- chapter 17

Here Isabella is a great gothic heroine, transgressing social norms powerfully to distance herself from an abusive realtionship. Nelly represents society, belittling Isabella for an action that shows women as strong and not as powerless. Comments on society.


"Laughter is sadly out of place under this roof and in your condition." Nelly to Isabella- chapter 17

This may be seen as a sign of madness as this is very unexpected by Nelly for some one in Isabella's position, but Isabella's euphoria shows the poisonness of the relationship she has managed to escape from as well as proving that women are not dependent on men. She is capable of happiness without Heathcliff.

Domstic Setting-



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