Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte. 1847


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  • Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte. 1847
    • Themes
      • Passion
      • Death
      • Class
      • Forbidden  love
      • Revenge
      • Nature
    • Motifs
      • REPITITION of many events of the novel (like Heathcliff and Cathy's body) show how the characters are stuck in the vicious cycle until Heathcliff and Cathy are dead.
      • TWO BEING ONE.
    • Characters
      • Earnshaws
        • Cathy
        • Hindley
        • Hareton
      • Lintons
        • Catherine
        • Isabella
        • Edgar
      • Heathcliff
        • Linton
      • Lockwood
      • Nelly Dean
    • Quotations
      • "I  am Heathcliff..."
      • "Sticking primroses in his plate of porridge"
      • "she beguiled Hareton, who had perfectly recovered from his accident,to dig and arrange her little garden, which was shifted to that corner by the influence of Joseph's complaints. Iwas comfortably revelling in the spring fragrance around"
    • Symbols
      • THE MOORS represent the wildness of a the relationships in the novel.
        • THE GARDEN on the other hand shows the flourishing  relationship of Hareton and Catherine
        • THE MOORS are easy to get lost in, in the same way Heathcliff and Cathy get lost in their passion.
      • WUTHERING HEIGHTS can be seen as a symbol of Hell
        • Whereas  THRUSHCROSS GRANGE can be seen as a symbol of heaven
    • Relationships
      • Edgar and Cathy
      • Heathcliff and Cathy
      • Heathcliff and Isabella
      • Hareton and Catherine
      • Catherine and Linton.
  • Forbidden  love


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