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· Mitochondria are found in cells.
· They are very small organelles.
· Because mitochondria are so small - there are at least 1000 in a
single cell!…read more

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Mitochondria are structures enclosed within two
membranes - the outer membrane and the inner
Structure.. membrane, with the intermembrane space in between.
These membranes are made up of phospholipids and
The outer membrane
ATP stands for
covers the organelle,
and the inner
triphosphate. It is
membrane is folded
used to provide
many times to form
energy for the
cistae . This increases
cells' reactions.
the surface area in
This is the most
order for the
organelle to get more
feature of
work done, because it
has more room to
work. The ribosomes make
The granules in
mitochondria make proteins out of amino
The matrix is the fluid inside acids
contact sites between
a mitochondria, it contains
the inner and outer
2/3 of the protein in a Mitochondria produce their
membranes for the
mitochondrion own DNA, which is called
enzymes to work
efficiently. Mitochondrial DNA .…read more

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· To provide energy that is necessary for cells to
survive and function.
· Used for respiration.
· Used in the production of heat.
· Storing calcium ions.
· Used for cell differentiation, cell signalling, and cell death.
· The protein based outer membrane allows diffusion.
· Helps in the building of certain parts of the blood, and also hormones.
· Mitochondria in liver cells have enzymes that can detoxify ammonia.…read more

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Interesting facts..
·Mitochondrial DNA is inherited maternally, it only comes from the mother. This is
because a sperm carries mitochondria in its tail as an energy source for its long
journey to the egg. When the sperm attaches to the egg during fertilization, the tail
falls off. The consequence of this is that you inherit your exercise capacity from your
mother ­ so if you're not good at sports.. you now know who's fault it is!
· Because mitochondrial DNA is passed through the female line, scientists can track
rates of mutation and work out genetic histories and relationships of whole groups of
· Breast and wing muscles of chickens have very few mitochondria, while those of
pigeons and mallards have a high amount. This explains why chickens can't fly, and
why mallards and pigeons are the endurance athletes of the bird world.
· The more mitochondria you have, the more energy you can generate during
exercise, and the faster and longer you can run, cycle or swim.…read more


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