Cefn Croes Conflict

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National Perspective 


Tony Blair - Prime Minister

His arguement was that the UK needs a more sustainable energy mix.

Also the targets for reducing greenhouse gases and increasing renewables need to be met. 

Brian Wilson - Uk energy minister

He has the same arguement, that the energy mix needs to include much more sustainable sources and that the targets for reducing gh gases and increasing of renewables need to be met. 

The Green party 

Wind energy is renewable and does not produce emissions unlike fossil fuels. 

Global warming needs to be tackled.

British Wind Energy Association 

Opinion polls show that 75% of people in Wales agree that Wind farms are necessary to help meet countries current and future needs. 

The Uk has excellent wind resources and wind farms which are helping reduce carbon emissions and provide energy security. 

Local communities can also benefit. 

Regional perspective 

Alun Micheal - First minister of Wales  IN FAVOUR 

More powerful but smaller wind farmers are the way forward.

Although the Uk targets for greenhouse gases and renewable energy apply for wales, the Uk goverment will make the final decision on whether…


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