Cefn Croes Planning Process

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Submission to the Local Planning Authority

LPA are able to...

  • Listen to any objections
  • Listen to the organisation responsible for the proposal (RDC)
  • Consider arguments for and against the planning application
  • Accept or refuse the planning permission
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Submission to the Department of Trade and Industry

RDC had to sumbit the proposal to the DTI because...

  • Any wind farm over 50 Megawatts needs to be considered by the government

-  It is of great national importance

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POSITIVES of the Planning Process

  • There was a right to appeal
  • Environmental, Social and economic impacts all considered
  • There is public consultation and all viewpoints are taken into account
  • Amendment in the proposal as turbines are reduced in height from 100m to 80m
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NEGATIVES of the Planning Process

  • It took a very long time 

-  2 year long process

  • Decision could be biased
  • Costly to carry out and money comes from the tax payers
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Timeline of Planning Process

1. Proposal submitted to LPA and DTI by RDC in July 2000

2. LPA pass on the proposal, listen to viewpoints and decide to REJECT the proposal

3. LPA pass on decision to Ceredigion Council who vote to ACCEPT

3. DTI receive Local Council acceptance and in 2002, ACCEPT the proposal

4. Government refused to hold a public enquiry as Brian Wilson believed everyone had had the chance to express their views

5. CCCG challenged the legality of the decision but the challenge was REJECTED

6. Cefn Croes opened on 16th June 2005

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