Attitudes to the Cefn Croes Wind Farm

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Attitudes WITHIN interest groups

  • Local - Farmers and CCCG

-  Farmers persuaded by compensation                                                                                           -  CCCG strongly against due to local impact

  • Local - LPA and Ceredigion County Council

-  LPA against due to local impact                                                                                                      -  Ceredigion in favour mianly due to the £58,000 annual grant

  • Green Parties - Welsh GP and UK GP

-  UK in favour, to reach government targets and increase renewables                                           -  Welsh against, needed to gain support from the local people

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Have changed their mind since Cefn Croes was built

  • Owners of Red Kite Café

Proved wrong on their previous beliefs                                                                                

Haven't suffered from the turbines and there has been no noticeable change in tourism      

Now appreciate how the wind farm has little impact on them

  • The Government - Tony Blair

 Blair realised wind farms wouldn't be able to replace fossil fuels  

They won't be able to supply enough energy in UK's energy mix (may still need to import)  

Wind farms need large areas yet only produce a small amount of energy                            

7000 turbines are required to match the energy supplied by ONE nuclear power station

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Attitudes vary with distance from the wind farm - national/regional/local

  • There were more in favour of Cefn Croes from a NATIONAL scale

-  Not invested in the area, no appreciation of the local conflict

  • Therefore, the locals are directly affected in a negative way
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