Cefn Croes Stakeholders

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Nationalist IN FAVOUR - Tony Blair and Brian Wilso

  • Need to increase our energy security

-  There is a danger of conflicts due to importing fuel e.g. Russia/Ukraine                                        -  Having more of our own supply of energy reduces need to import

  • The Government need to meet targets

-  20% renewables by 2020                                                                                                                -  60% cut in CO2 emissions by 2050

  • We have an unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels

-  Accounts for 89% of UK's energy mix                                                                                            -  Only 30 years of N. Sea oil and gas reserves remaining

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Regionalist AGAINST - Welsh Green Party

  • Off shore wind farms are much more likely to generate large amounts of energy without affecting a population
  • "We oppose and condemn the proposal"

They had a hidden agenda - settled on a compromise as they promote the benefits of wind energy BUT need to listen to their local people in order to gain political support

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Regionalist IN FAVOUR - Alun Michael of the Welsh

  • Building onshore wind farms is the only viable option

-  It would be too expensive to build lots of turbines out at sea

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Local IN FAVOUR - Ceredigion County Council

  • Substantial community benefits as annual handout of £58,000

-  Will help fund local projects

  • It will only be a relatively small wind farm
  • It will help to reach Government targets
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Local AGAINST - Local Planning Authority

  • Negatives outweigh the beneifts to the local community

-  Rejected the proposal due to the same reasons as the local residents (CCCG)

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Local AGAINST - Cefn Croes Campaign Group

  • Turbines will be an eyesore

-  9 miles of pylons needed, each pylon being 100m

  • Will destroy a place of great natural beauty

-  Home to lots of rare wildlife incliding over 100 species of breeding birds e.g. RED KITE.             -  Turbines may harm them by disturbance, habitat loss and collision                                             -  Should be enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of Cambrian Mountains

  • Only a £10,000 annual handout to the Environmental Management Committee for 'ecological enhancement of the site'

-  Falk Renewables will receive annual income of £16,000,000

  • Area was almost given National Park status and is near a Site of Special Scientific Interest
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Local IN FAVOUR - Local Farmers

  • Will recieve compensation
  • Turbines can be taken down after they have been used
  • There will be minimal damage to the land 
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Local AGAINST - Owner of the Red Kite Café

  • Loss of tourism

-  Puts the business in danger due to the dependence on tourism

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