Causes of workplace stress

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Causes of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is now considered one of the major sources of stress for many people; every week there are reports of the increasing stress attached to a variety of jobs, such as nursing, police work and teaching. This type of stress is considered even more important because it not only distresses the individual but can lead to poor performance at work, increased absenteeism and stress-related illness. It is therefore important for organisations to identify and minimise sources of stress in the work environment, and to help employees cope with them.

Every workplace is different. However it is possible to identify areas of stress at work that apply to most organisations:

  • Environment: heating, lighting and the physical arrangement of the workplace are all potential sources of stress. Many studies have shown that intense noise and increases in temperature can lead to frustration, stress and, in some cases, aggression. The physical layout of the workplace can affect the psychological well-being of the employee in terms of 'personal space' and privacy.
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