BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES: Monosaccharides & Disaccharides

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Module 2.2 Biological Molecules: Carbohydrates - Sugar

Monosaccharides: the simplest carbohydrates. They're soluble in water and insoluble in non-polar solvents. An example is glucose - a monosaccharide hexose sugar.

Disaccharide: made whent two monosaccharides join together. They're sweet and soluble.

  • a-glucose + a-glucose --> maltose
  • b-glucose + b-glucose --> cellobiose
  • a-glucose + fructose --> sucrose
  • b-galactose + a-glucose --> lactose 

Breaking + Making Bonds

Breaking bonds = hydrolysis (addition of water molecules)

Making bonds = condensation (removal of water molecules)

Alpha Glucose

- Hexose sugar, a component of starch and glycogen.

A-glucose above so the hydrogen molecule on C1 is above the carbon.

A-glucose animals so it is a component of…


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