C5 Key Terms


C5 Key Terms

Pink- Higher and Foundation Tier

Blue- Foundation Tier

Acid- Substance that ionises when dissolved in water to produce hydrogen ions in solution

Alkali- Soluble base

Anomalous- Measurement that is significantly different from others obtained in a series of runs of the same experiment

Burette- Glass tube with a tap at the bottom that is used to measure how much liquid has passed through the tap

Closed system- System in which no material can enter or leave

Concentration- Quantity of solute contained in a given amount of solution, usually given in g/dm3 or mol/dm3

Conservation of mass- The principle that the total mass of the products of a reaction is the same as the total mass of the reactants

Contact process- Industrial method for making sulphuric acid by reacting sulphur dioxide with oxygen

Displayed formula- Description of a covalently bonded compound or element that uses symbols for atoms and that also shows the covalent bonds between atoms

Electrical conductivity- Measure of the ability of a substance to allow an electric current to pass through it

Electrode- Conductor through which an electric current enters or leaves a melted or dissolved ionic compound in electrolysis

Electrolysis- Process by which melted or dissolved ionic compounds are broken down by passing an electric current through them

Empirical formula- Simplest formula that shows the relative number of each kind of atom present in a compound

End point- Point in a titration at which the chemical being added has exactly reacted with the chemical in the flask or beaker

Equilibrium- Point in a reversible reaction when the forward and backward reactions are occurring at the same rate

Excess- A reactant that is not all used up in a reaction that uses all of another reactant is said to be in excess

Gas syringe- Piece of equipment used to collect and measure the volume of a gas

Guideline daily amount (GDA)- Amount of energy or foodstuff to be consumed each day that should be sufficient to maintain health

Hydrogen ions- Hydrogen atom that has lost one electron H+

Indicator- Substance that changes colour in solutions with different pH values

Ionic equation- Equation that summarises a reaction between ions by showing


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