Eugenio 4.11 Key Ideas

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  • 4.11 Key ideas
    • 1 matter is composed of tiny particles called atoms and there are about 100 different naturally occurring types of atoms called elements
    • 2 elements show periodic relationships in their chemical and physical properties
    • 3 these periodic properties can be explained in terms of the atomic structure of the elements
    • 4 atoms bond by either transferring electrons from one atom to another or by sharing electrons
    • 5 the shapes of molecules (groups of atoms bonded together) and the way giant structures are arranged is of great importance in terms of the way they behave
    • 6 there are barriers to reaction so reactions occur at different rates
    • 7 chemical reactions take place in only three different ways:
      • proton transfer
      • electron transfer
      • electron sharing
    • 8 energy is conserved in chemical reactions so can therefore be neither created or destroyed.


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