Buffer Solution

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A buffer solution is a solution whose pH remains almost unchanged when a little acid / alkali is added to it.

There are 2 types of buffer sol :

1.  Acidic buffer sol

  • mixing of a weak acid with salt of the weak acid
  • Example : ethanoic acid + sodium ethanoate = acidic buffer sol
  • sodium ethanoate is completely ionised in aq sol
  • If extra H+ is added, it reacts with CH3COO- to form CH3COOH.
  • CH3COOH is a weak acid, thus [H+] of sol remains constant, pH does not change.
  • If extra OH- added, it reacts with CH3COOH, thus forming CH3COO- and H2O. Hence, [H+] does not change, pH remanins constant.

2. Alkaline buffer

  • mixing of a weak base with salt of the weak base
  • Example : ammonia + ammonia chloride = alkaline buffer sol
  • ammonia…


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