Year 7 - chem Particles and separation techniques

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  • Particles and  separation techniques.
    • Top five definitions.
      • Solvent
        • A substance, normally a liquid, that dissolves another substance.
      • Solute
        • The solid or gas that is dissolved in a liquid.
      • Filtration
        • A way of separating pieces of solid that are mixed with a liquid or solution by pouring through filter paper
      • solution
        • A mixture of a solute dissolved in a solvent. All parts of the mixture are the same
      • Distillation
        • A technique that uses evaporation and condensation to obtain a solvent from a solution
    • Ways of separation
      • Evaporation
        • removing the solvent form a solution to obtain the solid solute
      • Distillation
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      • Filtration
        • separating a mixture containing a solid and a liquid


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