Boys underachievement

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One reason for boys lagging behind is their poorer literacy skills.

  • Parents spend less time reading to sons and it is mainly mothers who read to children-seen as a femine activity.
  • Boys leisure interest: computer games, sport) don't develop/encourage language and communication skills. (girls reading and talking to friends does 'bedroom culture').

Because language and literacy skills are important in most subjects, boys poor skills effect their achievement within schools.

Globalisiation and decline of traditional 'mens jobs'

Since 1980's - globalisation has led to manufacturing moving to other countries- decline in industries such as shipbuilding and manufactoring in the uk.

Has resulted in 'male identity crisis' woth loss of motivation and self-esteem.

Many boys believe they have littleprospect of getting a job so don't try to obtain qualifications.

Feminisism of schooling

Tony Sewell argues that boys fall behind in education becuase its


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