Feminists perspective on education

Feminist approach

Even though girls outperform boys in education feminists think that education perputates a "patarhical ideology." Leading to girls taking lower paid and lower positioned econmic jobs.

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Arguments for the Feminist's ideology

Until the mid 1990's boys were outperforming girls. Feminists say that girls were overlooked in education and claim girls relative underachievement is due to a patarchical society. After the Mid 1990's and girls started out performing boys feminists had to main concerns:

.Gender subject choices.

.Lower paid jobs and why girls are getting paid less even though they are doing better than boys.

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What do girls do?

In concerns to gendered subject choices, girls avoid choosing mascueline dominated subjects. They argue that gender socialisation at home has contributed to this. But education tells girls that they should stay to their traditional roles.

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Conflict arguments

Feminists do not look at class or ethnicity. They also do not take into account the inequalities for boys. Women in their early 20's are earning more then boys.

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