Gender and educational achievement overview

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  • Gender and educational achievement
    • Boys' underachieve
      • External factors
        • Boys and literacy
        • Globalisation and the decline of traditional men's jobs
      • Internal factors
        • Feminisation of education
        • Shortage of male primary school teachers
          • Male teachers may not actually be necessary
        • 'Laddish' subculture
        • The moral panic about boys
    • Girls' achievement
      • External factors
        • Impact of feminism
        • Changes in the family
        • Changes in women's employment
        • Girls' changing ambitions
      • Internal factors
        • Equal opportunities polciies
        • Positive role models in schools
        • GCSE and coursework
        • Teacher attention
        • Challenging stereotypes in the curriculum
        • Selection and league tables
        • Identity and class
          • Hyper-heterosexual feminine identities
          • Boyfriends
          • Being loud


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