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Role of bone

  • Ossified connective tissue - 25% water, 25% protein fibres and 50% minerals
    • Calcium, Phosphorous, plus some calcium carbonate and magnesium to form hydroxyapatite
  • Supporting and protecting soft tissues with minimal weight
  • Attachment sites for muscles, enabling movement
  • Reservoir for calcium and phosphate - enables mineral homeostasis
  • Red bone marrow in flat bones and the end of long bones.
    • Site of haemopoiesis (production of red and white blood cells and platelets
  • Yellow bone marrow stores triglycerides and acts as an energy store


Bones have distinctive regions:

  • Diaphysis: shaft of the bone
  • Epiphysis: cartilage growth plate at the end of the bone (epiphyseal line)
  • Metaphysis: between diaphysis and epiphysis where growth occurs
  • Periosteum: tough membrane covering bone but not cartilage, helps increase thickness
  • Medullary cavity: contains yellow


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