Blood Groups and Donations (B5)

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A, B, AB, O

Blood Transfusions;

  • 1818 - first blood transfusion - Dr James Blundell
  • 1840 - Haemophiliac treated in hospital in London (she couldn't make scabs)
  • 1901 - An Australian doctor discovered human blood groups. Scientists added anticoagulants and refiridgerated donated blood to last for a few days

Blood Groups:

The antigens (agglutinins) are located on the RBC's and the antibodies are in the plasma

Your blood group is determined by your parents

Blood Group A;

If you belong to blood group A you have A antigens on the surface of RBC's and B antibodies in your plasma. You cannot put B group into A group because it will coagulate

Blood Group B:

If you…


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