AQA B3- Kidney Transplant Rejection

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  • Advantages of transplant over dialysis:
    • Recipients aren't required to follow a restricted diet
    • Don't have to attend regular dialysis sessions
    • More freedom- are able to travel without making medical arrangements abroad
    • Less costly (is not an ongoing treatment like dialysis)


  • Disadvantages:
    • Shortage of eligible donors
      • Waiting lists for recipients can last for years
      • Dialysis is more readily available
      • Donor must have a relatively close tissue match to recipent
    • Risk of rejection
      • Immunosuppressant drugs
      • Irradiation of bone marrow
        • Both of these are used to prevent the patient's own immune system from destroying the donated kidney
        • They also leave the patient vulnerable to disease
      • Antibodies found


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