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Blackpool has more than 10 million visitors a year, seven miles of beaches, many tourist attractions, hotels and guest housess.39 The health profile of its 142,500 residents shows that their health is generally worse than the England average, with higher rates of violent crime, hospital stays for alcohol-related harm and drug misuse. There are inequalities in life expectancy by both deprivation and gender. And while there have been decreases in death rates from all causes and in early death rates from heart disease and stroke, and cancer, these rates remain well above the England average.40

We look below at two examples whereby agencies in Blackpool are working with each other to enforce standards and improve living conditions for Blackpool’s residents and visitors. With the support of elected members, council officers in Blackpool have been able to send out a message that standards across the town will be robustly enforced.

Over recent years the number of visitors to Blackpool has shrunk. This decline set in train a grim cycle whereby some of the struggling hotels gradually became permanent accommodation, often as HMOs. Blackpool then became known


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