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Food Groups

There are seven different types  of food groups-









A balanced diet contains the right amount of the different food groups and the right-amount-of-energy. Lack of certain food groups causes deficiently diseases e.g.Scurry (vitamins)  

Kwashiorkor (protein)

Metabolic rate

Your metabolic rate is a measure of how quickly your cells are converting food into energy.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate. this the rate at which your body uses energy needed to carry out chemical reaction.

metabolic changes due to different factors :

·         genetic influences

·         amount of exercise carried out

·         sleep can also influence

What happens if I take in too much energy?

body mass index

height to mass



examples of food groups foods

Rice, potato, pasta

Meat, fish, cheese

Vegetables-fats, oils

Fruit, vegetables

Fruit, vegetables, milk

From plants


The BMI gives an indication of whether someone is underweight /overweight or


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