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  • biology
    • drugs
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    • diet and excercise
      • obesity and related diseases
        • 1.high blood pressure
          • high blood pressure in the arteries in the brain can burst and cause brain damage
        • 4.arthritus
          • too much weight on the joints can increase the risk of them getting inflamed or worn down
        • 2.diabetes
          • liver cells cannot control blood glucose levels
        • 3.heart disease
          • increases the rick of having a heart attack
      • coronary heart disease
        • CHD is when the supply of blood to the heart is restricted. it can cause pain, heart attacks and death.
          • blood vessels marrow as you age, from smoking and/or when fatty deposits form on the lining of the vessels.
          • Obesity and a diet high in cholesterol can increase the risk of CHD
        • coronary blood vessels supply he heart muscles with oxygen and nutrients which are needed for respiration
      • food group
        • carbohydrate
          • for energy
        • fat
          • for insulation
        • protein
          • for growth and repair
      • Body mass index
        • BMI=mass(kg)/height squared(cm)
          • a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25
      • vitamins
        • vitamin a
          • vision becomes impaired
        • vitamin c
          • immune system becomes more susceptible to viruses
        • vitamin d
          • bones and teeth become weaker
      • other
        • fibre
          • to aid excretion
        • water
          • hydration
      • minerals
        • calcium
          • bones and teeth become weaker
        • iodine
          • it can affect your metabolic rate
        • iron
          • you get tired
      • balanced diet
        • 1. meat, fish, dairy and nut products contain a lot of protein, minerals and fat
        • to get a balanced diet you should eat food from each group everyday
        • 3. Cereals, bread, rice and pasta contain a lot of STARCH- a carbohydrate
        • 2.fruit and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins,  minerals and fibre
  • drugs
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