Beethoven's concerto in D-Maj

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Beethoven's Concerto in D-Maj

  • Written for solo Violinist Franz Clement for a charity concert
  • Written after the Violin was greatly developed with a lengthened neck, increased sounding length of strings, more between notes and more practical higher notes, a modern bow made by Francois Tourte which was more balanced, curved inwards, with more hair and weight at the bottom.
  • Written between the classical and Romantic period


Bars Key Section

1-88 D Expostion 1 (tutti)

89 - 224 D Exposition 2 (Solo)

224-364 A-C-Dm  Development


365-510 D Recapitulation

510 D Cadenza

511-535 D  Coda

Musical Features

Exposition 1 (tutti)

  • D-major
  • Orchestra only
  • main material laid out
  • Strong timpani motif of 5 crotchets used throughout to create unity
  • woodwind melody follows
  • B.10 there is a strange D# creating suspense
  • No perfect cadence ending on…


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