Weelkes- "Sing we at Pleasure" Notes

This is all the major points for the categories of:

  • Resources
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Tonality
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm and Metre

For this set work. There is also some background info as well:)

For each point, if there needs be, I have also put examples like bar numbers next to them.

Relative? Means whether you can include this point in the 10 marker essay, eg whether or not this is a Renaissance feature or not and I have put REL next to the background info if that is relevant as well.

I hope this helps x

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Written 1598 REL
Domestic purposes REL
Madrigal- Ballett:
Dance like
Light hearted theme with fa-la-la refrain REL
Point Example Relative?
Resources -5 voices (2S, A, T and B).
-Unaccompanied. Y
-Bass has a range of an octave.
-Other than that the ranges aren't too
Structure -Binary AABB
-Each section ends with fa-la-la refrain Y
-The second repeat is written out because -b54 to end
there is voice exchange between the two
Texture -Polyphonic Y
-The relationship between the two -b1-6
sopranos at the beginning is imitative
-Therefore- Imitative polyphony
-Some homophony -start of
Section B and
-Some canon -`Shall dancing Y
ever sing'
Tonality -Diatonic
-Starts and ends G maj though no key sig. Y
-Primary chords mainly used (I, IV, V) -b1-3 Y
-Key changes to closely related keys (C&D) -Cmaj b15-17 Y
though only passing modulations. -Dmaj b9-11
-Some brief references to modal system Y
with Fmag triad
Harmony -Even though the tonal system started
after this piece was written the harmony is
-Chords are in the root position or first Y
-Suspension -b9 tenor Y
-Unprepared Tritones -b10 G&C# Y
-b13 C&F#
-b16 F#&B
-Inner tonic pedal -b77-83 alto
Rhythm and -Dance like quality:
Metre -Dotted rhythms -b6 2S Y
-Syncopation -b7 alto Y
-Hemiolas -b20-21 alto Y
-3/4 metre
-Dotted crotchet-quaver- crotchet motif is -b1
main rhythmic idea

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