Limitations of ICT

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Limitations of  ICT

Battery life

The battery life on devices is related to their use - the less you use the device the longer the battery will last. Devices that are meant to be used a lot such as smar phones, PDAs and laptops have very poor battery life.

Longer life batteries and components that use less energy are constantly evolving and the ability to charge without direct connection has just been developed.


Processing Power

The more that technology allows us to do, the more we want and the faster we want it. We are not prepared to wait for things to load, we want things to happen the moment we click them. We demand technology, with multiples applications running and no waiting.

Processing is getting faster and will continue to do so but will never catch up with software development. We will always want more power.

Storage Capacity

We are storing vast amounts of data - text, photos, videos in HD, audio books and television programmes and podcasts. Computers have vast storage capacity but you need double - half for what you have and half for back


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