B7 - Nitrogen fixation

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Nitrogen fixation

This is all about taking nitrogen and turning it into useful chemicals, N2 (nitrogen) from the air can be turned into ammonia by nitrogen fixation. The HABAR PROCESS is a non-biological way of fixing nitorgen. Most of the ammonia produced from the Habar process is used to make fertilisers. fertilisers are a important part in the world food production as they increase the crop yield which means more people can be fed. However fertilisers can pollute water supplies when used in large amounts and cause 'eutrophication'. This happens when fertillisers leak into lakes and rivers. When this happens, algea starts to grow rapidly. The algea blocks out the sunlight which other plants need to survive. This means they die. Microorganisms (MO for short) then feed on the dead plants, using up all the oxygen that aquatic animals need to survive. Eventually all of the plant and animal life in the water die. Ammonia is…


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