B7 - Exercise and fitness

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If you want to keep fit, exercising is really important since it helps to increase fitness.

Being fit is a measure of HOW well you can do physical activites

  • Exercise incresses fitness and its the most effective when its done in a structured way by following a regime. Fitness practitioners like personal trainers and gym instructors can design fitness regimes for people 
  • Fitness practitioners need to have some essential background information such as  
  • Health problems - The practitioner needs to know the symptons of any health problems the person has that could affect their ability to excercise, for eg they could have high blood pressure or asthma. 
  • Current medication - Some medications can affect a persons ability to exercise, eg by making them drowsy or affecting their coordination
  •  Previous fitness treatments - to know what has or hasnt worked before. 
  • Other lifestyle factors - eg a person who smokes or drinks easily should cut down on these so they can get the most


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