B1.1.1 Keeping Healthy

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Diet and Energy

Carbohydrates are found in pasta, rice, potatoes and fruits and store slow release energy.
Dairy is found in milk, cheese and cream and is used to strengthen bones, teeth and nails.
Protein is found in meat and fish and is used to build and repair tissue.
Fibre is found in bread and rice and is used to help waste leave your system.
Fats are found in sweets and meat and are used as an energy store and for insulation.
Vitamins (A and C) and Minerals are found in fruit and are used for eyesight(A) and skin, teeth and nails(C).

A healthy diet means the correct balance of food groups. Energy from the diet comes from the carbohydrates and fats.

Some people are able to put on weight more easily than other as some people aren't as active and healthy as other. If you are less healthy you put on weight more easily. If you more healthy you put on less weight, not as easily to gain weight.

Metabolic Rate

  • Chemical reactions in the cells of the body take place in the cytoplasm
  • Chemical reactions in the body are known as metabolism
  • Metabolism can be faster or slower
  • This 'speed' is called the metabolic rate

The metabolic rate varies from person to person. The comparison of muscle to fat in the body affects your metabolic rate. Men generally have a higher proportion of muscle to fat than women, so they have a lower metabolic rate. You can change the proportion of muscle to fat in your body by exercising and building up more muscle.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate for a time even after you stop exercising. Scientists think that your basic…


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