Augustines teachings on human nature are too pessimistic


Augustine's teachings on human nature are too pessimistic:

Introduction- Brief overview of Augustine.-He was a Christian theolgian, having converted to christianity in his earlier years.

- He had a strong belief in Original Sin because of the full. The belief we are inherentlyt destined to evil is argued by many as being pessemistic

-  Augustines belief on human nature is largely pessemistic, as it condemns us before we are even born. It encourages disillusionment from God, as pre-destination leds us in to thinking there is no point in aiming to do good as we are already destined to commit sin and stray from God.

Paragraph 1:- Augustines view on human nature is too pessemistic due to pre-destination.

- Augustine believes that due to the Fall- whereby Adam and Eve strayed from God we have Orginal Sin, where we are destined to commit sins.

- Sin includeds engaging in sex etc

- This therefore leads on to Augustine having a strong belief in pre-destination. We are destined to one outcome, and so all our actions a long the way a pre-determined by God. Those who enter heaven are pre-chose, or 'elected' by God

-Whatever we do, we cannot change our outcome, it is in the hands of…


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