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God and Humanity (+Human situation) Revision


o Creation ­ There are rules to follow ­ Forbidden Fruit + limited free will?
o McGrath ­ implications of doctrine of Creation
a) Creation is good ­ Ex nihilo ­ created out of nothing (Influence of Greek ideas that matter is evil)…

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b) Evangelical/Protestant ­ Male Headship + "The man is head of women, like Christ is head..." St. Paul
c) Total equality ­ Priesthoods of all believers ­ no need for intermediaries

o Desmond Tutu ­ article "Hell is there for the choosing, but so is heaven"
Argued that events in…

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2) Metaphorical - everyone judge by life ­ nothing happens after death ­ Radical Xns
3) Realist /Non-realist ­ Metaphors of the story stand for some kind of reality ­expresses deep truth but not
supposed to take literally (Most Xns)

Models of atonement ­ Metaphors/models are used to express what…

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+ Guidance /Ethics ­ moral Purpose Unifies society - supports people and sense of belonging
Desmond Tutu ­ Morality is more acts than one act of evil ­ ie. through bereavement?
­ God gives free will + rejoices in his creation
+ Happiness ­ purpose to Life Chartiable ­ provides…


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