Perceptions of Ultimate Reality - God and Humanity

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God and Humanity (+Human situation) Revision
o Creation ­ There are rules to follow ­ Forbidden Fruit + limited free will?
o McGrath ­ implications of doctrine of Creation
a) Creation is good ­ Ex nihilo ­ created out of nothing (Influence of Greek ideas that matter is evil)
b) God created out of Love + freely
c) Humans are created in the `image of god' + have God-given responsibilities ­ ie. `dominion over the
fish...etc" seen as stewardship ­ have a duty to care for creation [But in past ­ form of power/control]
Sally McFague ­ argues that the relationship that you have with god should be reflected in the way you
live your lie + care for the world
d) Humans are to live in a loving relationship with God and others
Migliore ­ social Trinitarian ­ Essence of God = equal and loving community ­ reflected in the way people
live their lives
o Migliore ­ In the `Image of God'
Not anthropomorphic ­ Not literally made in the image
Given capacity to reason ­ Aquinas 13th C suggests equality/ Level of freedom
Life in relationship with God + Others
God gives life to others ­ reflects his love and generosity
Creatures are dependent upon God ­ but not a controlling sense ­ out of love + in a relationship
o Ward ­ the creation stories Give insight into the nature of humanity in a universe created by a wise and
powerful god ­ convey spiritual truth in narrative form (Myth ­ Not Literal?)
o Humans have a unique nature and value in the Creation story ­ Fundamentally shows God's love + Relationship
"Yet you have made them little lower than God (angels), and crowned them in glory and honour..." Psalms
8-5 + "We are the children of God... Joint heirs with Christ" ­ Romans 8:16-17
Natural Dimension ­ Given Reason and moral capacity ­ Elevates Humanity Status
Supernatural Dimension ­ Given an ultimate Purpose + destiny to be with God
The fall and Sin ­ 3 interpretations
o Historical/Causative ­ Augustine
Fall Is disastrous ­ cause sin to enter the world, eternal punishment from God ­ argued that humanity is
fundamentally flawed ­ only the grace of God can save Humanity (we cannot do anything ­ slave to God's
mercy) Destroyed free will + reason ­ depicts an Implacable God
Karen Armstrong ­ argued that the doctrine has had a negative impact on society ­ lead to patriarchy, taught
humanity that their nature is flawed leading to alienation, degraded female sexuality (evil, tempting) ­
"Should be ashamed to teach such a doctrine"
o Descriptive
Less Disastrous + Metaphorical ­ the world is not what God intended due to the fall BUT still have moral
choice ­ can choose to do good (free will) Most Jews, orthodox, Greek
o Fall Upwards ­ Irenaeus (2nd C)/John Hick (20th C)
Necessary stage of development ­ Gaining of Free will + moral awareness (Bareness) = more freedom BUT
our complexity allows Humanity to suffer more
o Eastern Traditions Vs. Western Traditions ­ Main difference is on the Effects of the fall ­ Eastern Tradition
less pessimistic argued that the fall + orginal sin did not open a gulf between God and Humanity Reflected
in the Dome of the Hagia Sophia ­ Reflects God's immanence + shows Christ in Victory ruling over the
3 arguments against female indoctrination
a) Iconic Argument ­ Traditional (RC) ­ only male apostles

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Metaphorical - everyone judge by life ­ nothing happens after death ­ Radical Xns
3) Realist /Non-realist ­ Metaphors of the story stand for some kind of reality ­expresses deep truth but not
supposed to take literally (Most Xns)
Models of atonement ­ Metaphors/models are used to express what Christ has doen for us ­ But not all models
express the fully mystery of salvation
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