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  • Development
    • Augustine's teaching on human nature
      • Human relationship pre and post fall
      • Original sin and its effects
      • God's grace
      • Analysing Augustine
    • Death and the afterlife
      • Purgatory
      • election
      • Chrsitian teachings on hell
      • Assessing teaching on heaven and hell
    • Knowledge of God's existence
      • Revealed knowledge of god's existence
      • Has the fall completely removed all natural human knowledge of God
      • Is the belief in God's existence sufficient to put ones trust in him
      • Is natural knowledge of god the same as revealed knowledge of God?
      • Natural knowledge of god's existence
    • The person of Jesus Christ
      • Jesus the Son of God
      • Jesus as a teacher of wisdom
      • Discussing the issues
      • Jesus as a liberator
    • Christian moral principles
      • Love as the only ethical principle
      • Chrsitan ethics: distinctive, personal, communal
      • Bible, church and reason
      • The bible as the only source of ethics
    • Christian moral teachings
      • The cost of discipleship
      • Church as community and source of spiritual disaplin
      • Duty to god and duty to the state
      • Bonhoeffer: God's will and suffering
      • Bonhoeffer: his relevance for today


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