Global Climate change

  • terms global warming + climate change used interchangeably but global warming is one apsect of climate change 
  • global warming refers to long term warming of planet, global temps show rise since 1970s, average temp worldwide risen about 10
  • climate change ecompasses global warming but refers to broader range of changes that happening to planet, inlude rising sea levels, shrinking moutain glaciers, accelerating ice melt in greenland - all consequences of warming is caused mainly by burining of fossil fuels + putting out heat trapping gases into air 

global agreements + laws to mitigate climate change + global warming 

- kytoto protocol 

- the montreal protocol 

- paris climate agreement: sets long term goals to guide all nations e.g. substantially reduce global greenhouse emissions to limit global temp increase in this century, review countries comitments every 5 years, provide financing to developing countries to mitigate climate change. agreement is legally binding international treatey, 194 parties have joined paris agreement 

causes of clima

enhanced greenhouse effect: 

  • global warming is attrbiuted to enhanced greenhouse effect - is caused by increased concentration of greenhouse gases in atmosphere 
  • greenhouse gases e.g.carbon dioxide, methane + nitrous oxide act like blanket + trap heat inside atmosphere 
  • as concentrations of gases build up, are more effective at preventing heat being lost into space, amount of heat being lost from atmosphere is less then the energy entering the atmophere = temp of atmosphere increases

nnormal greenhouse gases - enhanced 

greenhouse effect: 

  • solar radiation passes through earths atmosphere 
  • eath absorbs most of radation + warms up 
  • the earth radiated heat energy 
  • some heat espcapes into space 
  • some heat is abosrbed by greenhouse gases in atmosphere 
  • greenhouse gases radiate heat in all directions 
  • lower atmosphere remains warm 

ehanced greenhouse effect: 

  • greenhouse gases allow more solar radiation to pass though atmopshere 
  • earth absorbs most of radiation + warms up 
  • earth radiates heat energy 
  • less heat escapes into space 
  • more heat is absorbed by greenhouse gases in atmosphere 


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