Unit 3: Atmospheric Pollution - Smoke and Smog

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  • Atmospheric Pollution - Smoke and Smog
    • Smoke Pollution
      • Sources are burning vegetation and fossil fuels
      • Increases the albedo of atmosphere - leads to climate cooling
      • Smoke in stratosphere could deplete the ozone layer
      • Carcinogenic and kills cilia, leading to infection risk
      • May act synergistically with pollutants such as sulphur dioxide
      • Landing on plants reduces photosynthesis and landing on buildings makes them dirty
    • Smoke Smogs
      • Caused by interaction of smoke and fog
      • Temperature inversions make fog more likely to form
        • Valleys shelter areas from winds
        • Clear skies cause more heat losses
        • Mist reflects sunlight
        • Low wind speeds reduce mixing of air layers
    • Photochemical Smog
      • Photochemical reactions of vehicle exhaust emissions during sunny conditions
      • NO + O3 + UV --> PANs
      • PANs are toxic to humans, causing eye and lung infections, and plants


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