Assess the view that miracles undermine religious belief in God [15]

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Essay Plan


Miracles do not prove the existence of God

For proof of God:

  • Miracles by definition require the existence of God. If there is evidence a miracle has taken place, this would suggest that God exists. Swinburne argues that there is evidence of miracles and as this cannot happen without God, there must be a God.

Critical comment:

  • Disagree: There is no conclusive evidence that miracles exist/ have happened. 

Undermines existence of God:

  • Even if it can be proven that a miracle as a 'violation of Natural law' has taken place, there is no reason to assume it's God.
  • Could be another supernatural force we don not yet know about.
  • Swinburne is just jumping to conclusions.

Critical comment:

  • Agree: Without direct evidence or experience of God, there is always the possibility that there is another explanation/force in action.


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