Difficulties with belief in an interventionist God

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Maurice Wiles, nineteen twenty three to two thousand and five, argues that the belief that God performs miracles that violate natural law goes against our understanding of God's relationship with the world. He concludes that miracles do not occur because God does not intervene in the world on an individual basis. If miracles occured then God would undermine the laws of nature and accepted order of life.

Nelson Pike argues that it would not be possible for God to intervene in the world. Because God is outside of time, therefore he would be unable to act at any point in time within the world. Religious believers would respond to this by saying that Pike has not understood what it means for God to be outside of time and that timelessness does not prevent God from acting in the world.

Saint Thomas Aquinas said that while God acts timelessly, the events which he brings about are in…


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