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The Teleological Argument
Teleological arguments are arguments from the order in the universe to the
existence of God. They are also known as arguments from design (or, to be
precise, arguments to design).
The name "the teleological argument" is derived from the Greek word telos,
meaning "end" or "purpose". When…

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to accomplist a purpose, then, we have reason to believe that it was created for
that purpose by an intelligent agent.
The inference from the order and complexity of a watch to its being designed is
not dependent on knowledge of how watches are made. If we were to stumble…

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Defenders of Paley point out that the inference is from order to design, and
suggest that it is irrelevant in what kind of system that order is found. Whether it
be a universe or a watch, they say, the observation is of the same thing:
complexity ordered towards a purpose.…

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Analogy and Anthropomorphism
The argument from analogy is a form of the argument from design. It takes the
analogy between the order of the universe and the order of a watch to support
the inference that the universe, like a watch, has a designer.
One objection to this argument is…

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God himself exhibits ordered complexity. If these are the marks of design, then we
have evidence to suggest that God has an intelligent designer.
This thought appears to give rise to an infinite regress. In order to explain one
ordered and complex system, it seems, we must postulate another. This…

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Objections to the Argument from Fine-Tuning
It is common to think that the argument from design is obsolete, that since
Darwin's theory of evolution there has been no need to invoke God to explain the
appearance of design in nature. According to this evolutionary critique, the
universe was not designed…

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the dead was the greatest of these miracles, and is still frequently taken today to
be a solid reason for believing in the existence of God.
Setting aside the question as to just how strong the evidence for the resurrection,
or for any of the other miracles reported in the…


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