Social Approach - Assertive Community Therapy

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Assertive Community Therapy is used to help people who have schiozophrenia but who have relapses occasionally as well as regular stays in hospitals. The therapy is used by community health services with clients who have difficulties with meeting personal goals, getting on with others, making as well as keeping friends and above most who have difficulty in living alone/independently.

ACT links to deinstitutionalisation and care in the community. In the 1970's a large number of patients were being discharged from hospitals and for these people strong community support was needed.

The ACT approach has been used in many countries which includes Australia, Canada and the UK where as it was developed in the USA. However, there are problems with replicating ACT in less populated areas and where people who need support is widely spread. ACT can also be used alongside other interventions such as SST (social skill training) and family therapy.

There are many studies which have shown the success of the programme of assertive community…


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